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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2012 1:00am-1:30am PDT

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like. our price ranges from $7 to $12. we're hoping to add a higher and choice. we're working with security services. not only will we have a security guard at the door, we will have a back a security guard to use that we can pull in case there's any big issue. it is my first time doing this. if you have any questions. >> are you going to use outside promoters or are you going to keep this in house? >> my intention is to keep this in house so it keeps the neighborhood feel. if i did choose to use an outside promoter, there will have to fit this loungey feel. >> i have seen the gutted building. can you tell the commission a
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little bit? you are developing the second story downstairs. what is going to be there? >> originally the downstairs was about 900 square feet. we decided to dig out the basement so it matches the upper floor, 1800 square feet on both floors. one-third of the space downstairs is an unfinished room and we do not know if we want that to be a public space in the future, or if we're fortunate enough to possibly purchased the lot next door to have that as supplemental storage for that. right now it is not open to the public. the other two-thirds of the basement of our employee storage, my office. >> do you intend to serve food? >> no. >> ok, thank you. questions? we will hear from the police department. welcome.
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>> good evening. officer buckner. i guess i cleared the room. with regard to the armory club, i want to commend christopher bridlemere is -- ramirez on the work they have done, there proactive outreach -- their proactive outreach to the police department and residential apartments that are above them in the building. and just their communication with us. it has been a very good relationship working with them. i had an opportunity to tour the space. i am very impressed with all the work they are doing there. he did not mention that day, aside from making the improvements in their space, they have gone not to their
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residences and put in double pane windows and done other things as well. it reminds me of one of the old lion pub in the 1990's, it was a very loungey fireplace -- atmosphere with a fireplace. it will be very challenging. there was a stabbing incident in the front of the space which is boarded up and under construction. it is kind of one of those areas that is right close to 16th and mission. you have the eerie alley club so there are people walking through. it seems like there's something missing, the night -- lights need to be turned on, i guess. we definitely do not oppose the issuance of the permit. we did submit to the commission some conditions and the only
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thing that is different in my conditions has to do with this guard card thing. the result of the wonderful meeting we had yesterday. i learned some information that is relevant about guard cards. we need to change our definition to something more of a pso, a specified trading that professionals at night clubs get. it will raise the bar on our professionalism with regard to security. that is the only thing that is different. other than that, we hope you will approve the permit. president newlin: any questions? thank you. we will open it up to public comment. if people would like to address this.
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>> good evening. i am not here to support peter atworth until i saw he was on the calendar. each and every project he has got involved in he has handled in a professional manner. a request to support the permit. president newlin: thank you. anyone else? seeing none, the motion is with the commission. move to approve with police conditions. >> i second that. >> i just have -- patrons must be visually and audio recorded as they enter, is that normal to have audio recording as well? >> i did it when i had my club. my cameras had a mic on them at
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the front door for sure. >> i never heard of it. >> most dvr will have an audio and video component to them. it is helpful. if something happens and they need to refer back to the video, it is not about trying to spy on people. if a major incident occurs, it is good to go back on the video and review that information for the use and evidence of whatever might have happened. it is good for the venue owner as well from a liability perspective. they can show there were pro- active in their security or whatever it might be. >> i had never seen it. >> the only camera that has the audio on it should be the one on the street. there is no expectation of privacy walking a public street. the internal cameras should not have audio. >> ok.
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>> i had clarification from staff. for the first condition. i understand what the officer is trying to communicate. my concern is going forward, if the permit holder decides to change to in-house security, i am going to struggle with how to keep them in compliance. i am wondering if you can change the wording a tiny bit so there is some ability for that to occur as opposed to requiring outside security which is something we have never done. so i tend to agree with you that when -- if they decide to go in house, there would have to certify the place, correct me if i am wrong. >> it does not matter to the
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police department with a have outside security that is licensed and properly insured or if they're using internal security officers. as long as they have complied with the pso certified requirements which is a little higher level of training that you would get from a guard card type thing. >> ok. just change it to -- outside security or in-house security staff should have a pso certified or guard card. >> a friendly amendment to your motion. item number one, permit holder shall hire, we take pso out and say guard card certified?
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>> mike concern is the language be clear. -- my concern is the language be clear. >> either. >> can we switch higher to the permit owner shall maintain security? >> shelle have a motion and a second with the amendment on the security issue? commissioner hyde, aye, commissioner joseph, aye. commissioner 10, aye, commissioner , aye. -- newlin, aye. >> item 6e.
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>> the owners of the building itself far applicants for this place of entertainment permit for a venue called fame. the new space will feature exhibitions, music, and other performances. the space will serve pastries, coffee and dessert during the day and serve as a live music venue at night. in the materials you will find several dozen letters or signatures of support for the poe applications. but will turn it over. -- i will turn it over. >> i own that building, ms. francesca has a business in the building. since we have a never-ending
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problem with our tenants, the tenants have decided not to pay the rent, we evicted them and pay much want to have this standing precaution [unintelligible] and have management stuff to [unintelligible] as safety for the neighborhood. it would be open for the public but we're going to also [unintelligible] private events to the neighborhood. which is upscale clientele. we're not going to accept party bosses. -- buses. i never did, i never liked it. we like to have that safety for
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neighborhoods be -- we already have our neighbors. [unintelligible] glendon on the church once a month. we know all our neighbors, when lord, merchants, and would like to -- landlord, merchants, and we would like to keep this safety on the broadway that would be a mecca for entertainment in the city. unfortunately, sometimes it is not to save and businesses are hurt. we would like to change that. president newlin: thank you. would anyone else like to comment? >> francesca is my partner of
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the building and owner of [unintelligible] studios. i am helping her do everything else. and he is our security guard. >> i love the fact that you referenced the [unintelligible] and you talk about music, food, art, and entertainment. are you promoting this in-house as yourself? are you hiring the bands? are you bringing rock-and-roll back to broadway? is that what you are going to be doing? >> most of the time everything in the house. that might be of course sometimes that we're going to have some promoter from outside of our group. and he has to be licensed or registered with the city.
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we would like to have anything opening, a dj or live bands. we do not have any dress code but we have no problems. >> my question was are you going to have live music? a band? you are. thank you. president newlin: any other questions? i would like to hear from the police department now. >> it is a good sign when the permit officer approaches the applicant and says, just do the things you are already doing. they operate broadway studios and they do a very good job there and have looked at his business plan as far as what
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they want to do with the neighborhood. they're trying a couple of different new things which are really like. we're talking about the rebranding of broadway and this is a great start. he has assured me that will keep their hands on management style, that is what i want. we do not want someone to get an entertainment permit and turn the keys over to someone else. he has assured me they will not do that. they do not do that upstairs and it will not switch the way they do the things -- they will not switch the way they do the things. it will be a good change. there has been a lot of different businesses that have not worked out well. we have had a lot of violence on the calls for service. we're looking forward to this new business coming in. thank you. president newlin: any questions of steve? party bus. are they parking in front and unloading in front to go to
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atmosphere? >> they are still prohibited from stopping based on the no parking zones. they still try to come through but a lot of times they have to go down the street to drop off and pick up. >> some of the officers have left the area to hit the hot spots. are there still officers there to move those buses so it does not get impacted? >> we have that and traffic officers when they can dedicate those, they're very, very effective. -- the operators don't want to get a ticket from the solos, there will have to go to court and it will be a point against the driver's license. president newlin: any questions? seeing none, is there anyone who would like to address this? >> in support again, i have
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been to broadway studios as their guest, it is a fantastic place to be and i have never seen any issues in the venue. i would request that you support their place of entertainment permit. thank you. president newlin: thank you. >> good evening. one thing i will say, carl and francesca have seen a lot and they have a lot of experience and they know what not to do. there are plenty of people who go with high expectations and their little wet behind their ears. they are experienced and they owned the building and other business and they know what not to do. president newlin: thank you. seeing no other further public comment, the item is with the commission. do we have a motion?
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do you want to say anything more? >> i would like to say it would love to see live music on broadway again. and when i moved here, the stone was still open. if you do that, i will be there. i think that it is a great idea. president newlin: ok. is that a motion? >> i love to grant the permit. >> i will second. i will say what audrey said. since we went over there when i first started a year ago today, when i joined the commission, live music would be very helpful on broadway. what i was asking about this today, if it is live music, that would be a great addition to broadway and working with both of you has always been very
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pleasurable. so i wish you good luck and i will give a second. [roll call vote] >> good luck. >> are you crying, really? >> item seven. this has been a tearful meeting. tears of joy. item 7, commissioner comments and questions. are there any? >> i would like to comment, a quick update about a sub committee for the task force we had pulled together in february and march. we did hold two meetings, we intended on holding three. for anyone that is paying attention to planning is, the western soma plan released its
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er and comments were due yesterday. we were trying to pull together the group began to see if we can formally comment as a subcommittee or even pass that along to the full commission. the meetings, we had could turn out the first meeting. we talked about housing, entertainment, the buffer zones that around -- or around the housing and we talked about transportation and the need for entertainment along routes of public transit. unfortunately, we could not formalize any recommendations and it is too late for the eir. i would like to dissolve the committee for the time being. i think we will have an opportunity when the actual plan goes up to the planning commission to kind of regroup and it was good to hear, watching the hearing that the planning commission had on it
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and tons of folks came out from the entertainment community and the businesses along 11th street to voice their concerns. i would like to continue their relationships we've built with the folks on 11th street but dissolve the committee at this time and where needed, reconvene once the planning commission does hear it again. that is right to be an opportunity to formally make a statement as a commission. that is my comment. i do not know if that is an action item or how that works. >> the president forms and dissolves committees. you are making a request, i imagine, for the president to do so. president newlin: ok. the president approves the dissolutionment. >> anybody else? >> i have a question to that.
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you are dissolving, it is dissolved for that time. never to convene. we had two meetings and that is it, or -- >> it was good to have a staff member from the planning department come out to clarify things. what i am proposing is let's dissolved it for now and when it comes back -- when it is agendaized and th -- part of the planning commission's process, we will get a notice and put this around whatever recommendations you want to make. does that make sense? it is dissolved for now. and reconvened later as needed. president newlin: ok. item #8, new business requests for future agenda items. i had a couple. i would like to hear about the
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lgbt historical district or leather historical district as it involves a lot of entertainment. i thought it would be great to have a presentation. since it involves so much entertainment it would be good to hear what they have in mind for that. with more information coming out about how to better modify sound, i was wondering if there was any way we could talk about preserving an outdoor patio is and making sound, talk about sound on outdoor patios. even if there are ways to return it without destroying the neighbors since we do live in a city that has patio's -- patios. i am wondering if we cannot revisit some of that or at least
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hear about mitigation. the sisters of perpetual indulgence run the pink saturday, and they are and not for profit who have been running a major, major event. i know for fact they often feel that they cannot be heard and a now we do offer sound permits but i think it would -- i know we do offer sound permits but i think it would be interesting hearing the issues they have running this event. to see if there is not some way we can direct them to get better responses from the city. it is an outdoor event and we do have a hand in that. i just feel that they're being asked to do whole lot and not -- they do not feel they're getting quite the help they need. so maybe if we could hear from them around that. president newlin: ok. what i would recommend on that item is they submit something in writing to the commission so we
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have an idea that we're not just carry them, we have it ahead of time so there might be prepared response to their specific issues. we do not want to waste their time coming in here and having a list of grievances that we're hearing for the first time. with that -- >> could you tell me who in the leather community is dealing with this historic district? >> i do not believe it is in the leather community. from the planning commission or from the planning department, there was paul lord and jim meko was the other name. commissioner joseph: anybody from the greater leather community that has been talk to
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about anything? i have heard nothing about that community being approached for its ideas and its historical value. >> that is not necessarily the group that has been outreached to. i got a copy and i want to bring it for everyone here so we could have a look at it before we would hear anything about it. to my knowledge, it is an idea and christina olague and a couple of people are looking for ways to create this without legally in our city. a lot of the weather community has not been -- leather community has not been outreached. commissioner joseph: who would speak to that? >> the people who were to that. -- wrote to that.
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president newlin: this is a recommendation of new items. commissioner hyde: -- this has been brought up to me. president newlin: we will coordinate with staff. we had the sound guy earlier. we should have ran it by him. we could have had him for free. ok. if there is nothing else, we will conclude today, august 7 meeting of the entertainment commission. thank you, everyone for coming and participating.
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>> so good morning, folks, thank you so much for being out here. i'm ed harrington, from the general facilities commission and we are out here for the ground breaking of the reservoir, there are a lot of reservoirs to make sure that we have a clean source of water, for firefightering and all of these things. we have been working on these retrofits since 2004 and this is the last one. we have completed work on every other reservoir and pump station in san francisco. sister reservoir is the last one and we are celebrating that today and also celebrating the finish of the whole city park, and the water improvement program. >> you know the whole program is a $4.5 billion and there are still projects happening in the bay area and the rest, but this is it for san francisco and we want to celebrate that.
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and when we finish this, this reservoir, actually handles about 15 percent of the water of san francisco. and so we will just be that much more secure in terms of our water supply for san francisco. we have a lot of people that are with us today and i will be introducing them as we bring them up here to speak. i do want to make sure that we without a lot of people involved. we have the supervisor and the people from labor here and it comes together to makes the projects work, and the sj amoroso and this is the project that they are working on and thank them for being here also. what i would like to do now is introduce mayor lee, he has been involved with the program since day one and head of dpw and as the city administrator and as the mayor and so he has been with us all along as we work through this and he is here to help celebrate here today. ma